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At Carlysle Engineering, Inc, our knowledge and experience provides our commercial and residential customers the assurance of the best in the industry.  We are proud to provide the following services:


Fire Protection Systems

  • Preliminary design and calculations

  • Specifications

  • Securing approvals (insurance, building dept., etc)

  • Cost estimates

  • Working Plans and hydraulic calculations on very specialized systems

  • Inspection or installation


  • Evaluation of capabilities of existing systems
  • Recommendations for improving systems where hazards have increased
  • Preparation of preliminary plans, hydraulic calculations and specification for new systems or improvements to existing systems
  • Cost estimates

Insurance Requirements & Rate Reviews

  • Analyze insurance company fire protection requirements
  • Prepare preliminary plans, hydraulic calculations and specifications to meet requirements
  • Prepare cost estimates
  • Recommend alternate solutions where appropriate


  • Establishment of procedures and schedule for testing all fire protection equipment
  • Training plant personnel in these testing procedures
  • Establishment of maintenance procedures for all fire protection equipment

Fire Protection Justification Study

  • Cost of fire protection
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Water supply including underground piping, fire pumps, suction tanks or pressure tanks
  • Manual fire fighting equipment

    1.  Standard pipes and inside hose stations
    2.  Outside hydrants, hose houses and equipment
    3.  Portable extinguishers

Potential Cost Savings with Designed Fire Protection

  • Insurance Premiums
  • Reduction in number of exits
  • Reduction in fire resistance of building components
  • Elimination of fire cut offs
  • Increase in flame spread rating of interior finishes
  • Inspection or installation
  • Reduction in manual fire fighting equipment

Other Factors Not Easily Related to Cost

  • Life safety
  • Continuity of Business
  • Flexibility of building design
  • Insurability (casual and liability)
  • Increase in usual or rentable space



VIDEO:  Benefits of An Automatic Fire
Suppression System


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